Build your Identity, not your Certifications

I was recently a part of a networking event. The regular introductions were going on. It was concerning to note how an individual spoke only and only about all his certifications as a part of his introduction. It was sad how his certifications seemed to be his only identity.

I often come across people pursuing certifications only because it’s a fad, because everyone else is talking about a topic or because of fear of being left out in the rat race.

My two bits on this, to acquire knowledge a certification is not necessarily the only medium. In some areas, expertise can be acquired only through professional certifications, there it’s a clear non-negotiable. However the flipside of it, after being certified if one is unable to apply the acquired knowledge & skills in his/her org. set up then it will soon be rusted.

Before pursuing any course/certification
I have personally benefitted by asking myself the following questions. Taking the liberty to share them here:

1) Is this a pull or a push for me?
2) What is the relevance & application scope of this certification in my context?
3) Is it connecting to my long term ambition/ purpose?
4) Is the investment worth the efforts both in terms of time & finances.

After finding your own answers for the above questions, reach out to people who have done these certifications/ courses earlier & get their perspectives, not on your decision but on the course.

As individuals can we allow ourselves to be defined through our values, our passion & our behavior. Please let’s not allow our certifications to become our identity.

Picture credits: Fragmenta by artist Micaela Lattanzio.

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  1. Very true. Certification serves as an important external trigger for initiating learning and in that respect, it helps. But real impetus for learning stems from our innate curiosity and wonder about things.

    Ability to learn in a self-directed mode is a real competitive advantage (and a path to joyful pursuit) at a time when all certifications have almost become a commodity.

    Certifications are only possible when the subject area matures enough tobe codified whereas most significant learning happens in areas that are still new and unexplored.

    Tanmay Vora

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    1. sscoops says:

      Yes! Curiosity is the key trigger Tanmay! I’m glad this has resonated with you and many in Linkedin. Thankyou for sharing your perspective on this topic.


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