#42 When I am silent..

Staying comfortable with silence is not easy. There is a discomfort that prevails around silence, almost as if one has to make an attempt to break it! Staying comfortable with silence enables a higher  level of concentration & observation, almost like meditating with your eyes open & staying conscious. 

Rumi says “When I am silent, I fall into a place where everything is music”. How true! It is in these moments of silence that our sensing can be at it’s elevated best. Silence is a treasure, that can be found only when we can control our urge to make noise. Making noise may allow you to be noticed, but staying silent allows you to notice & comprehend things for yourself. Choose wisely between creating noise & absorbing the music through your silence! 
#Rumi #zentangles #doodles #dailydrawings #sketchnotes #loveforblackandwhite #ruminatingwithrumi

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