#39 To grow up..

To ‘grow up’ in the real sense is a conscious choice that’s available to all of us. “All people in the planet are children, except for a very few. No one is grown up except those free of desire.” ~Rumi #Dailydrawings #Rumi #doodles #sketchnotes  Join me on Twitter @s_scoops; on LinkedIn @Shilpa Srikanth

#38 Celebrate wisdom

Let’s recognize & celebrate the wisdom in us! Today’s work is inspired by one of my favorite Indian artists Kalashri Barve. #dailydrawings #doodles #pencilsketch

#37 Triggers

#Dailydrawings #Sketchnotes #Doodles #Triggers Join me on Twitter @s_scoops on LinkedIn @Shilpa Srikanth

#36 Look for the Answer…

It’s good to stay curious! It’s equally important to be aware of the questions we ask. The answers we receive are only limited to the questions we ask. I’m reminded of a brilliant quote by David Cooperrider “We live in the world our questions create”. How true & relevant in the current world of Appreciative…

#35 Be like a Tree 

Be like a Tree, let the dead leaves drop. ~Rumi #zentangles #doodles #Rumi #dailydrawings #b&w Join me on Twitter @s_scoops on LinkedIn @Shilpa Srikanth

#34 Flow

  “By stretching skills, by reaching toward higher challenges, such person becomes an increasingly extraordinary individual”. -Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi. It will be interesting to ponder over what are such Flow experiences that we encounter, what is it that gives us a Dopomine kick & puts us in a state of heightened attention! How do we increase…

#33 All boxes

They are born, then put in a box; they go home to live in a box; they study by ticking boxes; they go to what is called “work” in a box, where they sit in their cubicle box; they drive to the grocery store in a box to buy food in a box; they go…

#32 World Sketchnote Day

January 11th is celebrated as World Sketchnote Day! This blog is dedicated to my sketchnote journey, why I love sketchnotes & most importantly why you should try it! 1. Helps crystalize thoughts & ideas: Sketchnotes help capture all that we are constantly learning. It could be a reflection of something you have read or seen,…

#31 What is the Heart

What is the heart, it is not human and it is not imaginary. I call it you! ~Rumi #Rumi #Dailydrawings #sketchnotes #doodle Join me on Twitter @S_scoops On Linkedin @Shilpa Srikanth

#30 Seeing the Unseen..

Rumi says “Everyone sees the unseen in proportion to the clarity of their own heart”. I feel seeing a track that leads to a destination or seeing a ladder that would lead you to your purpose is a choice that is available to each of us every single day! #doodles #sketchnotes #Rumi #dailydrawings Join me…