#20 There is more to life than Happiness

Emily Esfahani Smith’s TED Talk on There’s more to life than Happiness featured in the most popular TED talks of 2017. She, very persuasively talks about how everyone, in the pursuit of happiness is missing the big picture of living a meaningful life. Emily emphasizes how a simple shift from chasing happiness to finding purpose and meaning in life could be a fulfilling experience. She talks about 4 pillars that could easily help us build meaning in our lives- Belonging, Purpose, Transcendence & Storytelling! I have attempted to capture the essence of her talk through my #sketchnote.

Watching this inspiring TED talk by Emily, I was amazed with this simple reality that she put forth so convincingly! I was reminded of a lovely quote by Rumi ~ “Maybe you are searching among the branches for what only appears in the roots.” When we start finding meaning and purpose to our life, happiness will naturally follow suit! 

Emily has also authored the book ,“The power of meaning:  Finding fulfillment in a world obsessed with happiness!” And no, it’s not one of those self help books (with due respect the genre of Self help books). This is a book that’s backed with research from the fields if psychology, sociology, philosophy & Neuroscience.  It’s available on Amazon. I intend to grab this book as a first read for the New year’s 🙂

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  1. I agree! I’ll watch the ted talk 🙂

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