#19 Gratitude, a Change Agent’s Journey!


I was reading a brilliant work of David Whyte, Consolations -The Solace, nourishment and underlying meaning of everyday words, and in that a particular chapter on Gratitude. I realized that in 15 more days the year draws to a close, and the timing is just apt to delve on the subject of this week’s Sketchnote and blog. I have made an attempt at blending Whyte’s overwhelming meaning of the word gratitude, combined with my own journey as a change agent.

Is Gratitude only about being thankful, or could there be more to it? The dictionary definition of Gratitude is -the quality of being thankful; readiness to show appreciation for and to return kindness. As an emotion, gratitude is a feeling of happiness that emerges from appreciation!

All my life, I have felt gratitude, mostly after an event has transpired. However, in the last few months, owing to my OD and Change journey, I am growing to realize that gratitude is an emotion that one must be aware of, each and every day and in every single waking moment. Gratitude is about constantly being aware that our very existence, every breath of air that we inhale and exhale, is an experience that is co-created with millions of other things coming together. We must at all times remeber that we are all a part of something. Being aware of the small in the large and the large amongst the small. We are all someone among many others, and all others are a part of Nature.

Gratitude is beyond mere words, its beyond ‘saying’ thankyou, its about ‘being’ thankful. Gratitude is about being grateful for every moment in your life, for being a part of this world, for every single experience in your life, the different people that we encounter and for being you the way you are. It is about being constantly aware of the beauty of things around you, and within you!  In this journey of Change, we are all change agents with self, as much as we are change agents to clients. Gratitude allows us to stay grounded at all times and prevents us from taking anything for granted, which includes, our role, clients, relations and life in general.

Through daily reflections, which is a cultivated habit in all of us treading on this journey of OD, I realize there are many things in a day, good-bad-ugly, to have gratitude towards all those experiences and the universe for creating those experiences in my life. In the role of a change agent, its critical to remember that our role is not indispensable and we should stop taking ourselves so seriously. Gratitude allows us to be appreciative of the people around us and the events that we encounter.

It allows us to pay attention to everyting around us and within us, which is a core ethos of a Change Agent. It makes us realize that we are all givers and receivers and that we are all equals. We have no rights to hold on to anything, which also includes the emotions that we go through. Giving and receiving a cyclic process to our existence. We must follow the process. There is a grand design of nature, the eco-system, and we are all playing our parts within that.  It hones our ability to make sense of presence, to be aware, to be alive and to be thankful in all the roles that we play, which is a critical area of work on Self.

As the year draws to a close, its possibly a good time to reflect on the year that has gone by and relive those moments of gratitude. And in the coming year, it could be a great idea to start including these moments of gratitude in our daily journals. I practice this and it has helped me immensely to shift my perspectives and I wish the same for you!

Gratitude enables us in realizing that Everything that we experience, we are all participants and witnesses to the experiencesIt is all one open system, and our role as a change agent is constant within this open system.


There are a few people who inspire me in the space of Sketchnotes and blogging. One of them is definitely Abhijit Bhaduri.

Please do read his blog on ‘Why you must write a Gratitude Journal.’ Thats how I began my journey.


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