#16 First Day of Human Interaction Lab (HIL) @CSOL TISS



I am currently experiencing the first of its kind ‘Human Interaction Lab’ at CSOL TISS. This is spread across 5 days, as an integral part of my 14 months course on Executive Post Graduate Diploma in Organization Development and Change. Have stitched my reflections of Day 1 in my #sketchnote.

CONVERGENCE OF PAST AND PRESENT: This is a very critical aspect of the journey. Coming to terms with the past, accepting the present as is integral to finding that inner anchor in all of us. When we hear and share stories of each other, what emerges is the realization that nails of past experiences create the hard wired fences around us in the present. It is important to therefore RECOGNIZE these nails from the past, ACCEPT that we all have our hardwired fences around us and learn to LET GO! It is important to break free from this fence, to be able to be in touch with the real you!

LIFE EXPERIENCES CAN NEVER BE EQUATED: Everyone has a past, an emotion associated with their past. Each persons life experience is unique and can never be equated. Respect these stories as you hear them, as is, without being judgemental.

LEARNING IS WHAT LEARNING DOES: Working on SELF is a lifelong journey. What can we learn by hearing and listening to these life experiences? What do we learn from our own life experiences? Can we share these experiences with each other, WITHOUT PONTIFICATING?

WHO AM I? WHAT IS THE STORY OF MY LIFE? How comfortable are we to narrate the story of our life? Can we talk about the story of our life at all..?? It indeed is a skill to be nurtured, to be able to set aside our emotions, to reflect on the lessons learnt during the journey in an absolute free flow!

DEEP LISTENING! BE FOR EACH OTHER AND BE WITH EACH OTHER! When you hear stories being shared, there is a gush of emotions and feelings you experience. Can we ‘BE’ with that person, at that point in time, while we are listening to their stories? Without being in a hurry to make our point and break their thoughts? Deep Listening is about being able to connect with the feelings and emotions, understanding beyond the language and words.

TOUGH LOVE: Its alright to blunt where required, in the interest of the person and the process. Its important to stay TRUE to the process, which could mean not being CORDIAL at all times. Its required that we voice out the authentic feelings and observations in the best interest of each other. So it’s alright to be tough when your intent is clean.

ITS NOT REALLY ABOUT HOW GREAT YOU ARE, ITS ALL ABOUT HOW AWARE YOU ARE: Every feedback is an opportunity to improve. Its important to not get into a zone of clarification and justification. Be thankful to the people in your T-group who make an effort to give you a feedback, reflect and work on what you think is critical.

CONNECT WITH FEELINGS: Both of our own and the people around. Its easier to share our thoughts than our feelings, because expressing our feelings is also a revelation of our own vulnerabilities. Can we connect with the stories and experiences of others, can we feel their pain, joy, anguish etc. Are we aware of our own emotional experience in the process. RESPECT the individual who is sharing his or her story of their life.

LEARN TO BE COMFORTABLE WITH SILENCE: We get discomforted by silence, as though its something thats just not right. There is an urge, a temptation to break the silence. Can we control that. Silence is also a critical part of this experience. Can we learn to be comfortable with Silence and use that for reflection.

I would like to conclude my experience of Day 1 by saying that being in the HERE & NOW is a constant conscious effort. We all have a tendency to go back to then and there, which needs to be curtailed. We all need to be the CONTAINERS that will HELP HOLD THE SELF for others, as much as we need to nurture and hold our own Self.

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